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Below, is an example of a Structural Engineering Java applet. We have developed this applet to demonstrate, how Java applets can help Structural Engineers to solve engineering problems over the Internet. The name of this applet is Inertia.class. It calculates moment of inertia, section modulus, radius of gyration, and other section properties of rectangular, I, and composite sections. These section properties are needed for design of steel, concrete, and timber structures. The composite sections are often used in bridge structures. The composite I section shown on the blue screen of the applet, consists of two parts the top slab and the I section. The top slab is usually made of cast in place, precast, prestressed concrete or timber. The I section is usually made of steel, cast in place, precast, or prestressed concrete or timber. The ratio of modulus of elasticity of I section to slab which is the modular ratio, is denoted by N in the input part of the applet.

Anatomy of the Inertia.class applet

The Inertia.class applet consists of the following five parts:

  • A blue screen at the top of the page. All the input and output parameters, their description, and the shape of the selected section is shown on this screen. If the user choose a different type of section these information will change accordingly.

  • Input text boxes, this is where the user enters the section dimensions and other relevant data. Any type of consistent unit can be used (US Customary or Metric).
  • Below the input text boxes is the Control Panel with three radio buttons, each button selects a different type of section.
  • Below the control panel are the Calculate button and Help button. For more information, on how to use this applet click on the Help button.
  • Finally at the bottom of the page are the output text boxes where the results of the calculations will be displayed.

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